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Book Fair Sparks the Joy of Reading

What do sunshine, great reads, and home-made treats have in common? You could find all three earlier this week at the annual PTO Book Fair (May 18-19). Partnering with the "Word Up" book store, and applying a bit of creative problem-solving, the organizing committee was able to bring the beloved annual event back to the school after last year's hiatus.

The school yard provided the perfect outdoor setting for students and community members to safely peruse a wide selections of books and discover new favorites. From insightful non-fiction titles to whimsical tales of imagination, learners from Pre-K to 8th grade were sure to find an engaging read.

To round out the Book Fair experience, the concessions stand had home-made treats and snacks available for purchase along with a selection of PS187 spirit wear items. For those that were unable to attend the Book Fair in-person, an option to visit a virtual book shop was made available.

As with all of the PTO initiatives, none of the above would be possible without the support of the school administration, generosity of the parent volunteers, and the incredible time and energy put into the event by the organizing committee.

Thanks to everyone's determination and creative solution-finding, the event brought back a small slice of the familiar to the 187 community, raised funds for essential PTO programs, and helped our students continue the journey of discovery found between the pages of a great book.


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