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IS After School Enrichment Programs

Every fall and spring, the PTO makes Education Enhancement Grants available to teachers. The teachers have the option to apply for assistance with supplies, field trips, educational subscriptions, training, and any other resources they feel would be beneficial to the student body.


EEG funds support: classroom supplies, science equipment, musical instruments, books, field trips, and more.

Thursday October 6th to December 12th, 2022


  • Crochet Club (5-6)- Ms Martinez

  • Volleyball (5-8)- Ms Pastore

  • Art Club (6-8)- Ms Stern

  • Reading Club (5-6)- Ms Deaddio

  • Lego Robotics (5-6)- Ms Ruiz-Seymour & Ms L. Luna


  • E-Sport (5-8) - Mr Tergilene

  • Creative Writting (5-8)- Ms O'Connor

  • GSA club (5-8)- Ms Stern

  • Dance (5-8)- Ms Lugo

  • Rock Band (5-6)- Mr Jennings


  • Instrumental Music (5-8) - Mr Tergilene

  • Jewelry /Craft Club (5-8)- Ms Marricco & Ms Stern

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