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Events & Programs

The PTO organizes a variety of events and programs during the year. Some are traditional annual events that take please every year. You can learn more about those events below. We also organize several programs and initiatives. You can learn about those below as well. Every year, we explore new ideas as well. To see all scheduled events, please visit our Caledar page. 

Annual Events

Annual Dues Drive

Through our annual Dues Drive, the PTO is able to provide funding for professional development, field trips, classroom materials, and faculty-run after-school programming. Any amount you can donate to the Drive is appreciated! Donations can be made at any time throughout the year and are tax deductible.  

Picture Day

PTO organized Picture Day and makes sure it runs smoothly. It is also a fundraiser! You get lovely school pictures, and a portion of the proceeds goes to the PTO! Talk about win-win! We do need volunteers to help keep things moving (don't worry, a seasoned PTO member is always on-site to provide guidance). Sign up for the PTO newsletter to get updates about Picture Day and volunteer opportunities. 

Fall and Winter Movie Nights

Movie Nights are a 187 favorites! The Fall movie night is dedicated to the E.S. and is typically held on a Friday evening in October. The Winter Movie night is geared for the IS and takes place on a Friday in January or February. The event is open to the community, and the fundraising happens through ticket and concession sales. Sign up for the PTO newsletter to get updates about Movie Nights and volunteer opportunities. 


School-A-Palooza is the greatest parent-faculty talent show fundraiser in the known Universe! PS 187 parents and faculty dust off their dance shoes, bust out their instruments, work on their vocal scales and hand massage their comedy chops into shape in order to put on an amazing show for the audience. Lean more and check out some highlights:

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 5.32.07 PM.png
Annual Book Fair

Every year, the PTO brings a Book Fair to PS/IS 187. Whether anyone is looking for a fresh read or getting a jump-start on the summer reading list, come and see if there are any new treasures to discover! Sign up for the PTO newsletter to get updates about the 187 Book Sale and volunteer opportunities. 

Holiday Tree Sale

The Annual Holiday Tree Sale has become a favorite fundraising event at PS/IS 187. Parent volunteers and donors help with selling trees and wreaths while our community can enjoy caroling, warm cocoa, and home-baked goods. In the past, this event has raised as much as $18,000 for after school enrichment programs! Sign up for the PTO newsletter to get updates about the Holiday Tree Sale and volunteer opportunities. 

PS/IS187 Film Festival

The PS/IS 187 Film Festival, is an opportunity for students to learn the craft of storytelling using a visual medium, with help from friends, fellow students and family members. Our past festivals have featured over 140 unique productions made by our amazing students and the productions are a continuously reminder of how creative and vibrant our young students really are! Visit the Film Festival website to check them out and learn more about the festival!  

Kindergarten Ice Cream Social

Each spring, the PTO holds a welcome reception for incoming Pre-K and K students. It's a great opportunity to learn about the school, meet the 187 community, and enjoy a delicious treat. Pre-K and K families receive an invitation in the mail closer to the event. 


Annual Events

Annual Programs & Initiatives

Annual Programs
Education Enhancement Grants

Every fall and spring, the PTO makes Education Enhancement Grants available to teachers. The teachers have the option to apply for assistance with supplies, field trips, educational subscriptions, training, and any other resources they feel would be beneficial to the student body.


EEG funds support: classroom supplies, science equipment, musical instruments, books, field trips, and more.

Additional Program Funding 

Throughout the year, the PTO evaluates, and votes on at the monthly general meetings, a variety of proposals requesting funding. The request can be presented by teachers, school administration, or parents. 

Examples of funded programs: IS Music program, ES after-school enrichment classes, IS Saturday Clubs, Professional Development for teachers and staff, 7th and 8th grade dances, supplies for the Gardening Program, 8th Grade Graduation Celebration, sensory wall installation, BioBus, and more. 

Sports at 187

The PTO aims to bring more opportunities for athletics to the school. In 2018, we began providing free soccer, tennis, basketball, Track, Volleyball and eSport programs to PS187 students (after school). 

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