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Join a committee

Our PTO boasts a robust roster of events and programs that take place throughout the year. People who make it possible are the amazingly wonderful parents and volunteers just like you!


It takes a PS/IS187 village and we invite you to join the community. Take a look at the existing committees below and reach out if you are interested in getting involved. A few new and existing committees are also looking to fill the leadership role. Will you be the one to do it? The PTO team is here to help! 


Please note, due to current health and safety regulations, some of the committees maybe not be as active as usual or on hold. Please do reach out if you are interested to learn more.  
Garden Committee

Teaching kids essential life skills through gardening such as love, respect, resilience, teamwork and wellness to make our world peaceful and sustainable.  PS/IS187's unique garden space is a green oasis, used for learning, reflection and community building for all grades.  Students and families can engage in year-round activities to deepen our connection to food, nature and the collaboration needed to build environmentally sustainable systems.  The School Gardening Committee helps coordinate four-season activities including Family Gardening Saturdays, the integration of class schedules to enable each grade to visit during Fall and Spring, Friday's Gardening Club, caring for our koi pond and much more.  We are always looking to grow the team and collaborate with parents - no experience required! Follow us and and learn more


Co-Chairs: Camila Otero & Noriko Kuriyama

Film Festival Committee

187 Film Festival Committee
The mission of the 187 Film Festival is to provide a forum for students and their families to create amazingly original short films, while also raising record amounts of money for our children and school's needs.  Parent involvement is essential to producing this amazing evening and we are always looking for new and eager parental assistance. Visit the Film Festival website to learn more about the event. 


Co-Chairs: Michael Bridenstine and Steve Mallorca

School-a-Palooza Committee

School-a-Palooza Committee
The mission of School-A-Palooza is to create and produce the greatest Parent-Teacher Talent Show in the known Universe, while also raising record amounts of money for our children and school's needs.  Parent involvement is essential to producing this amazing evening and we are always looking for new and eager parental assistance. Visit the School-a-palooza website to learn more about the event.

Co-Chairs: Michael Bridenstine and Annette Fletcher 

STEM Committee

The mission of the STEM Committee is to cultivate curiosity and develop critical thinking. We aim to increase our kids' engagement on hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math during the school day. We are looking for parents working in a STEM field to share their experiences with the kids, as well as for parents interested to take part in fundraising efforts for this important matter.  ​


Co-Chairs: Hila Milo Rasouly and Florencia Marcucci

Wellness Committee

Our goal is to encourage kids and grown ups to embrace healthier habits, and to gain tools to do so in a fun and engaging way. There are many ways to get involved including exploring ways to develop wellness in our school, organizing after-school sports, and promoting activities such as KidFit (a free health and fitness community event). 

Co-chairs: Beth McDonald and Emma Hulse


Grants Committee

Are you someone with a knack for grants finding and/or writing? Or, is that something that you might want to try your hand at? We are currently looking for volunteers to help us take advantage of many grants available to schools. This is a great flexible opportunity to get involved! You can work at your own pace and treasure hunt for grants from the comfort of your very own home (or coffee shop, or outdoors, or the secret superhero cave, get the idea). Let us know if you'd like to give it a shot!


Chair: Sarah Kerman  

Movie Night Committee

Movie Night Committee
Join in the fun of planning and hosting a movie night! Every school year the PTO hosts anywhere from 2 to 3 movie nights. The fall movie night is usually geared towards the elementary school students and the spring movie night to the middle-school kids. Members of the Movie Night team help with decorations, organize volunteers, coordinate the snack shop, and pop real popcorn in our very own machine!

We are looking for help with (and will definitely offer guidance along the way):
- Decorations
- Concessions Guru
- Popcorn Queen


Co-Chairs: OPEN 

Staff Appreciation Committee

How would you like to bring joy and warm thanks to the hard-working administrative, teaching, and support staff at our school? Well, this is your chance! The Staff Appreciation Committee primary PTO-funded annual events are the Thank You Lunch for the teachers and both the holiday and end of school-year thank you campaigns (cards & cookies are always well received). But, we are always open to ideas! Please reach out if you would be interested in spearheading the efforts.  

Co-Chairs: Amber Gebb and Amanda Rottier 


PTO Election Committee

Serving on the Nominating Committee is a short, but impactful, time commitment and a great way to get involved! The group is responsible for organizing end-of-year PTO elections (usually taking place in May/June). The general responsibilities involve: putting out a call for nominees, collecting application forms, lead the "Meet the Candidates" introduction at one of the PTO General Meetings, and tallying votes (if more than one person volunteers for a position). Don't worry, helpful guides will be provided. We are looking for 3-5 volunteers to help.  


Co-Chairs: OPEN 


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